Sunday, September 12, 2010

A new prayer-service-learning challenge

Since I don't read Hebrew very quickly, I've made it a personal practice never to recite all of P'sukei D'Zimrah, an early section of the morning service that consists largely of psalms and biblical quotes and is not as "required" as the Matbeiah. However, I've now been put on notice that I'll be relieving my husband for PD every now and then, with the Ritual Committee's recent vote to allow women to lead PD, and I led PD yesterday for the first time on a Shabbat/Sabbath.

I can more or less manage to stumble my way through most of the sections of PD that I don't usually say, taking about 10 minutes longer than my husband. But I found out the hard way yesterday that I don't know Psalm 90, Tefillah L'Moshe, at all! I have between now and next Saturday to learn it, as I don't know whether I'll be drafted for PD on Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement, since my husband's already "booked" for Minchah/Afternoon Service.

Update: Well, at least I know the last verse--it leads into Yoshev b'seter elyon, Psalm 91, in Sefer Tehillim/Book of Psalms, in PD, and in the Maariv/Arvit (Evening) Service on Saturday night.


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